Human Resource

Steps has an experienced and skilled team of staff that is well acquainted with relevant women human rights issues. The team members of Steps are experienced and have good academic qualifications and technical skills. Steps’ research team has conducted a number of quantitative and qualitative researches, study and action research in recent years.  Steps has an experienced and expert material development team which has a reputation in producing different types of campaign, advocacy and training materials both in print and audio-visual format. Steps Towards Development has a capacity building team both at central level and local level for conducting trainings and developing modules and materials. At present, Steps has a total of 35 staff members, of which 15 work at central level and 20 at field/regional level.

Steps staff have long experience and required skill for working in different projects related to various human rights issues. They have extensive knowledge in supervising and implementing projects for development partners, INGOs, government and UN agencies like UN Women, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNDP etc. Steps also has well-trained field level experienced staffs to implement any project and assignment effectively with quality with the targeted duration. Steps field staff are capable of project implementation, campaign and advocacy, training and facilitation, research data collection, monitoring and evaluation etc.

In addition, more than 12,000 volunteers facilitators are associated with Steps who can also support for organizing campaign and advocacy programs as well as research/survey data collection at field level. Among them, social volunteers are working at community level, youth volunteers wok at upazilla level and student volunteers work at educational institution level. Moreover, Steps has a number of network member organization’s staff at field staff who are not our direct staff, but they are quite familiar with Steps’ program approach, strategies and areas of intervention for quite some years. Since Steps always works through networking and collaborative partnership approach under the banner of GAD alliance, these staff work as a driving force at the local level.