Study and research

Steps carries out monitoring and research to see the changes at both field and national level, and to help take the right measures in right time and to track the programs in terms of achievements and challenges. Steps conducted many quantitative and qualitative research, study and action research. More than 35 researches were conducted by Steps during its journey with different ministries, UN bodies and national and international organizations. The major issues were: Gender, Women Human Rights, Education, Drugs Problem, Women, Children, Youth, Persons with Disability, Health, Road Constructions, Small Cottage and Micro Enterprises, Indigenous Communities, Agriculture, Climate Changes, Power and energy, SRHR, GBV and Early and Child marriage and Mental Health. In addition, some of its recent studies include disaster vulnerability, entrepreneurship development, community health care management, fair wage of agriculture labor, youth leadership, drop-out of secondary students, quality and inclusive education, socio-economic impact of bridge/culvert on rural roads, mental health, gender responsive teaching method and management etc.