Steps’ Constitutional Mandate

According to the constitution of the organisation, “the goal of Steps Towards Development is to stand up for the development of the country by making the deprived people of the country aware and responsible citizens.  To achieve this goal, the organisation will take different initiatives and ensure proper implementation”.   Gender equality being the main cause for Steps’ existence, its actions are geared towards this direction.  The organisation will spell out its goal by taking positive actions as embodied in the constitution, among which are the following: 

  • Provide assistance for making development projects pertinent to gender equality, human rights, and good governance successful.
  • Disseminate necessary information such as elimination of discrimination against women and establish rights to the people involved with development activities.
  • Collect development related data and information, conduct research and share to development workers and planners.
  • Provide support to likeminded organizations to build organisational and individual capacity.
  • Stand for compassion on critical issues and advocate for the promotion of human rights.
  • Provide support to enrich the knowledge and education of the people, enhance awareness and development
  • Organise workshops, seminars, and meetings on various national and international issues relevant to the realisation of the organisation’s mission.
  • Collect and develop different education materials like, posters, flip charts, photographs and audio-visual materials related to development.